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2005 Apex Merlot Columbia Valley2005 Apex Merlot Columbia Valley A beautiful dark ruby color in the glass, this Merlot radiates the varietal fruit that has made this grape a Washington standout. The bright cherry is highlighted by oak spice filling the nose, while mouth- filling flavors coat the palate. Round, supple tannins make this wine instantly consumable.

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2006 Heron Merlot California2006 Heron Merlot California To balance the lush, ripe California fruit with just the right amount of oak, they fermented and aged this wine in a combination of stainless steel and new and used French barrels. This allowed the true character of both the vineyards and varietal to shine through. Look for red and black cherries, dark plum, a touch of vanilla, and soft tannins.

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2006 Rombauer Merlot Napa Valley2006 Rombauer Merlot Napa Valley Deliciously rich and concentrated. It has layers of black cherry, plum, clove, and cinnamon in both the aroma and flavor. The wine has a long finish of cherry and plum with a light vanilla note from oak aging. Supple tannins add to the wine's character.

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2006 Terra Blanca Merlot 2006 Terra Blanca Merlot Dusty tones of black cherry and toasted oak intermingle on the nose. Velvety layers of ripe blueberry and blackberry are framed by earthy layers of soft tannins. Dried cherries and light smoke notes melt with soft clove on the extensive balanced finish

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2007 Castle Rock Merlot Napa2007 Castle Rock Merlot Napa This elegant wine has a deep ruby color and velvety textures. The complex flavors of blackberries, cocoa, spice, with wood notes of sweet French oak along with hints of cedar unite to form a long, smooth, harmonious finish.

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2007 Fidelitas Merlot Columbia Valley2007 Fidelitas Merlot Columbia Valley Aromas of red cherry, strawberry, bramble and dried herbs fill the glass, while the palate is more intense and concentrated with darker cherry and currant tones surrounded by cocoa, allspice and cedar. The palate is lush and pretty with fine grained tannins, and great aging potential. Drink now through 2017.

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2007 Sagelands Merlot Columbia Valley2007 Sagelands Merlot Columbia Valley Bright garnet-color Merlot displays a vibrant nose of ripe Bing cherry and mixed berries with notes of violet and cocoa. Sagelands Vineyard is one of only a handful of Washington State wineries that blends the five classic red Bordeaux varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon with small amounts of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec.

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2007 Stag's Leap Merlot Napa Valley2007 Stag's Leap Merlot Napa Valley This wine’s richness and depth of flavor is announced in a bouquet of cherries and blackberry pie interwoven with violets and allspice. In the mouth the layers of flavor unfold both vertically and horizontally, with overtones of toffee and spice playing off the main notes of cherries and cassis as fine tannins carry the flavor array through the velvety finish.

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2007 Wild Horse Merlot2007 Wild Horse Merlot Another exceptional year for Merlot. The wine is reminiscent of the 2001 vintage, with bright, intense aromas of red plum and Bing cherry. On the palate, flavors are dominated by cherry, mocha, and cedar, while the firm mid-palate structure will soften as the year progresses.

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2007 Wineglass Cellars Merlot2007 Wineglass Cellars Merlot A nose of raspberries and pepper, big spicy cherry middle, with hints of licorice and a long, creamy finish. Balanced and exquisite. The long tradition continues. Silver Medal Washington State Wine Competition.

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2007 Woodward Canyon Merlot 2007 Woodward Canyon Merlot   Deep red color, ripe bing cherry, and subtle chocolate mocha flavors. Vanilla spice and cream notes from new barrels is noticeable, but not over the top, and the finish is long and generous. With proper cellaring this wine should be enjoyable for six to eight years.

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2008 Charles Krug Merlot Napa Valley 2008 Charles Krug Merlot Napa Valley    This wine is aged for 17 months in small French oak barrels and expresses wild berry and blueberry aromas, with a touch of roasted pecans. An artful blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot compose this balanced wine giving it a chewy texture and an intense yet lengthy finish. Enjoy this wine with dishes such as beef ribs and grilled salmon.

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2008 Sebastiani Merlot Sonoma Valley 2008 Sebastiani Merlot Sonoma Valley   The aromas consist of blueberry and black cherry fruit with elements of vanilla and char from the barrels. Vanilla and mocha flavors coupled with “bigger” jammier fruit are framed by solid tannins and acidity.

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2009 Barnard Griffin Merlot2009 Barnard Griffin Merlot   This Merlot is very deep and rich. The aromas of black current and blackberries are predominant with a hint of toasted oak. This Merlot is big and massive in the glass. This wine drinks great now and has some punch worthy of 8-10 years aging.

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2009 Bonterra Merlot Organic 2009 Bonterra Merlot Organic Bonterra Merlot    Organic 2009 offers a dry, vaguely woodsy spice. Its narrow finish is said to be accented with a touch of greenness.

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2009 Nelms Road Merlot 2009 Nelms Road Merlot    Flavors of ripe cherries and other red fruits marry nicely with spice and vanilla from French and American barrels.

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2009 Three Rivers Merlot Columbia Valley2009 Three Rivers Merlot Columbia Valley   A beautifully balanced wine. Cocoa, black cherry and vanilla are among the many characteristics that typify this Merlot. This complex wine is very approachable now but will continue to develop with age. The fruit is sourced from six different vineyards from throughout the Columbia Valley.

Copa di Vino is certainly receiving plenty of attention from the online bloggers and review websites. Already high profile because of the exposure on

Shark Tank

and a series of articles in national newspapers, plenty of reviewers are making their feelings known about this innovative new product that is ready to serve in an individual size.

Copa di Vino bottles

premier wines in a glass ready to drink. It has a peel back top and is ideal for stadiums, outdoor events, picnics, barbeques, the beach, and tastes pretty good too.  There is plenty of experience behind the product and the website has an online store as well as plenty of information about the product.

However, is

Copa di Vino

as a fully disposable item for an ever increasing disposable society clever marketing and sales or is there any substance making this a brilliant product? Many wine lovers treat wine reverentially and the ritual of keeping wine at the right temperature, decanting and allowing time to breathe, smelling and tasting is what wine is all about for them. Drinking from a plastic glass is not something that would be done with a good quality wine.

Copa di Vino is not a novel idea when it comes to single servings of wine. Screw top bottles of

single serve wine

have been around for a long time, you just need a drinking straw. One Sonoma Valley winery sold shrink-wrapped single serve bottles and glasses in one product and Paul Masson has used the carafe as wine bottle for many years.

Copa di Vino

is another variation of these ideas, more refined arguably, as technology is more advanced. Single servings of wine in a can have been available for a long time and can be drunk straight from the can if necessary. A rival is Singlz from New Zealand, which has also been taking the

single serve wine

market by storm.

Aesthetically pleasing, the wine is appealing as it is in a bottle and an organically shaped glass acts as the bottle top and drinking vessel. Slick and sexy, this product looks like a winner and is making inroads into USA, Europe, and Australia.

Copa di Vino

has the advantage of being a one-piece unit, but is it clever enough to compete and appeal to drinkers. Many comment that the shape of the drinking vessel is more like a Guinness stout glass than something wine should be drunk from.

A glass of wine is a normal beverage in Europe and down the years all transport hubs such as bus stations and train stations sold a picnic pack to take with you consisting of fruit, baguette, or sandwich and a small bottle of wine. No wonder then that the inspiration for

Copa di Vino

cam from Europe where the same concept has been established for many years. The Europeans do treat wine with a sense of occasion but also as an everyday beverage. In the USA and UK, wine is seen as more than just a beverage, it has been marketed thus, a single serve glass of wine pre packaged just does not have any cachet, and it seems unlikely that the bottle and glass will be replaced any time soon. Even in the great outdoors of the UK if wine is required, it will be brought along to a sporting event in its own carrier complete with wine glasses. Look at any outdoor sporting event there and a glass in hand is seen more often than not because elegance and sense of occasion are associated with wine. Beer, which comes in convenient cans, is altogether much more casual and that is why a few cans are the beverage of choice for sports events and casual outings.


single serve wine

market is worth just 1.4% of all wine sales, but the category has been quite fast growing. Many winemakers not just Copa di Vino are tinkering with wine packaging in a continued effort to broaden wine’s appeal and boost sales. Single serve wines come in screw top bottles, bottles and glasses, combined, juice style boxes, cans and have been christened with funky, playful names to dispel wine’s stuffy image.

However, single-serve wines are not known for their quality, which limits the variety of places they are sold. Most likely to carry single-serve products are supermarkets and mass-market retailers. The quality of single-serve wine eventually will improve, according to industry pundits. However, marketing experts predict the appeal of wine will be lost especially to women if the elegance and luxury perception goes out of the window with single serve packaging.

So what does the blogosphere and internet think of Copa di Vino?

Shannon Hurst Lane – Travel Media Personality Blogged
“I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting too much from a plastic container.

The Verdict: Better than Expected
The convenience of

wine in a plastic glass

makes this a winner in my book. I realize this isn’t the first idea for single serving wine containers, but the product would work well for tailgating, camping, and beach excursions. Yes, the packaging is kind of a novelty, but the wine inside was pretty decent. The Chardonnay was good during the first sip, with with apple and citrus notes, but wasn’t the best Chardonnay I’ve ever tasted. The Pinot Grigio was better than the Chardonnay in my opinion, with with a cleaner finish. There are other varietals, including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, and White Zinfandel. The company states that the wine is good for up to one year, but I wouldn’t store this with my traditional wine bottle collection. It’s meant to be consumed and stores well on the fridge door.”

Be Rad replied to Shannon
“Watched this product on

Shark Tank

episode. Classic! Yeah, most folks make the mistake of allowing their egos to control their decision making. And so this guy did the same. A Shark partnership would have benefitted his company; run the lousy tasting winery separately…. license to every wine maker on earth with Mr Shark. WIN-WIN

What they failed to disclose on national television is that James Martin is NOT really the inventor of the sealed glass wine process… he partnered with the real inventor from France. He’s a USPTO filer and poser. Nothing more.  Plus the design shape SUCKS! Looks like a mini glass of Guinness, not a cup of wine…. come one now, why not use the same design as a small, traditional shaped plastic wine glass?”

Reviewer: Steven Lincoln, Chicago
“This is clearly for the classy wino – you know the sort that stuffs a napkin into his collar while eating out of trash cans.”

Meghan H writes:
“ I  recently had a single serve wine in Washington at the Gorge Amphitheatre and it was really good!  I had to look it up, and I found your website on my way there.  It’s called Copa Di Vino  This product is really, really cool. “

Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett at
“This product, though, seems different. It’s an easy way to take a small serving of wine on a picnic or hike. You can put them out at a party instead of the open bottle that draws drunk ol’ Uncle Bob in like a magnet. You can snap one open instead of strangling your partner who used the only corkscrew in the house to open a paint can.

I have no idea if this wine is any good. (I don’t drink the stuff myself.) For all I know, plastic is to wine like wrestling is to cable TV. Sure, it’s there, but we don’t need to encourage it.

But, whatever, it’s innovative. And the Copa di Vino website does an admirable job of using normal-looking people instead of the improbable bar hoppers (and impossibly glamorous lifestyle) that’s used in the hard-sell of most alcohol.”

The jury is still out on Copa di Vino, most wine drinkers do not want their rituals messed with, but the convenience factor is something very appealing and is suiting the event management companies for selling at events. It does not have an appeal for the at home drinker unless you were to keep a couple on hand in the refrigerator but then you may as well keep a half bottle or two of your own personal favourite wine. For the home drinker, a single glass serve is accommodated with the vast array of wine saver products that preserve opened bottles of wine anyway and it is far nicer at home to drink from crystal or glass when relaxing. Great to throw in the cool box for a beach trip or outdoor concert but is portability of alcohol important when driving under the influence is something nobody should do.

The innovation and concept is to be applauded. If consumers enjoy the quality of wine and it drinks well, then there is hope. However, if the quality of the wine does not appeal to end users then Copa di Vino becomes just another plastic glass of mediocrity.

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